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When you should start working with a Zapier expert

If you're serious about using Zapier to improve the productivity of your business, it might be a good idea to hire a Zapier expert.

If you're weighing up whether it's time to hire a Zapier agency or freelance consultant - these are some factors to consider.

You’re getting errors you don’t understand

Every so often you'll be hit with errors in Zapier. Sometimes they happen when you're building a zap, other times you'll get an email telling you something went wrong when your zap ran live.

Zapier does its very best to give you enough detail about an error when one happens for you to make a DIY attempt at fixing things. However, sometimes you're just left confused. Zapier doesn't do phone support, but it does have a great team available by email 24/7.

Alternatively, if you find yourself constantly battling errors in your zaps, consider working with a Zapier expert. They know their way around the platform and have probably seen most problems before - and know how to fix them!

Zapier is costing you too much money

Zapier's pricing is based, primarily, on the number of tasks you use each month. That means that any zaps you build need to be as efficient as possible. For simple zaps, this is usually easy - but add in the need for filtering, formatting and any conditional logic and your Zapier costs can start to spiral.

Working with a Zapier expert, they'll be able to understand your desired outcome and design your zaps accordingly - using as few steps as possible.

You don’t know what processes to automate

When you first discovered Zapier, you were probably overwhelmed with the possibilities. With over 3,000 apps connected to Zapier - there is a good chance that includes most, if not all the apps your business uses.

Picking where to start can be tough. But, working with a Zapier expert, they will be able to help you identify the parts and processes within your business that are using up the most time and plan how to automate those with Zapier. It's unlikely you'll be able to - or even want to - automate everything in one go, so an expert can also help you with a phased approach.

The apps you use don’t integrate with Zapier

Not every app is on Zapier, particularly ones that cover more niche use cases, or are targeted at non-US customers. However, if you find this is the case with one of the apps you want to automate, this doesn't mean it's not possible.

If the app you're using has something called an API, then there are several ways to connect it to Zapier, including creating a custom integration for it. You can also use email parsing, or export via CSV to get data from apps. A Zapier expert will be able to work out the best approach and make it happen.

You haven’t got time to learn Zapier

Zapier has certainly invested a lot of time and energy into making their platform easy to get into. From smart prompts within the zap editor to extensive help documentation, you can certainly start automating stuff within just a couple of hours of starting.

That said, time is precious for many businesses, and to really unlock the power of Zapier you need some time spent experimenting and learning. Experts have spent that time, and working with one lets you move forward quickly.


5 great reasons to work with a Zapier expert

Thinking of hiring a Zapier expert? You'll gain plenty of benefits on top of just someone to build your zaps for you.

Zapier's Certified Expert program exists to help its customers find consultants and agencies that can plan, build and maintain zaps for them. If you're thinking of working with an expert, here's what you can expect to gain.

Access to premium-level support from Zapier

Zapier is well known for having excellent support. They’re available 24/7 - which is definitely pretty rare in the SME SaaS field - and they certainly don’t just shuffle tickets with template answers. They go above and beyond - investigating issues, logging bugs where found and doing their very best to guide you towards a working zap. The only thing they don’t do is build zaps for you - they leave that to experts like us.

Zapier also has something they call Premier Support. The same good service, except they aim to respond and help as soon as possible. We’re talking hours, or even less in some cases. If you have a Team level account you get access to this already. But, if not, by working with a Zapier expert they can get this level of support on your behalf.

We’re certified as experts by Zapier

It sounds pretty obvious when you say it - but yes, we’ve been checked and tested by the staff at Zapier and found to know our stuff - which is flattering we must say!

This means when you work with experts you’re getting quality assured. Experts know the platform, know all the features and know how to leverage them when it comes to fixing your problems and building your zaps.

Cost-effective zaps

Zapier’s price plans bill around the number of tasks you use - each task being a step (other than the trigger) in your zap. That means, you always want to be building your zaps to achieve their objectives in as few steps as possible.

Sounds easy - and it typically is if you’re doing pretty simple stuff - but if you need to start doing data formatting, logic, paths or adding filters, it can get complicated.

As experts, we know the tricks and shortcuts - and we’ll also be able to tell you if whatever you’re trying to do is not well suited to Zapier and might be done more efficiently with another tool (like Integromat perhaps).

Experts know what is and isn’t possible.

We love Zapier and pride ourselves on being able to solve a wide, weird and wonderful variety of business problems with it. But like most tools, it has its weaknesses and blind spots.

Experts know this and will be able to make a quick assessment of what you’re trying to do and whether Zapier supports it. For example, Zapier is not great for historical data syncing. With something like that, experts can try to point you in another direction - saving you wasted time trying to find out for yourself.

Zaps that save your business the most time and money

If you’re new to Zapier, you’re probably giddy with excitement over the possibilities. Most businesses have a whole bunch of processes that could be automated. The real trick is weighing what could be done against what meaningful impact it will have for your business in time or money saved - and working out how easy it is to build with Zapier.

When you hire a Zapier expert, they’ll take time to learn about your business, and what you’re trying to achieve and help you work out a decent plan of action when it comes to building zaps.


Where to get help from Zapier experts (paid and free)

Need some help with Zapier There are plenty of places to find experts.

Zapier Experts Directory

Zapier has a Certified Experts program. Consultants and agencies that are part of the program have been tested and checked by Zapier to make sure they know their stuff, and if you're happy to spend money on getting Zapier assistance, then hiring and expert is the best place to start.

Zapier Community Forum

Zapier also has a community forum, launched to provide users another way to get help, and also to find and share Zapier tips, tutorials and resources.

It's frequented not only by Zapier experts and power users, happy to help you resolve problems with Zapier, but also dedicated staff members from Zapier's community team who can take things a step further where needed and escalate a support ticket for you.

Upwork / Fiverr

Plenty of Zapier freelancers can be found on both Fiverr and Upwork. Keep in mind that not all of them will be part of the Certified Expert program, so be sure to check out their work history and feedback to make sure they have the level of experience you need.

Prices for Zapier freelancers across both platforms tend to range between $25 and $175 per hour - and some also work on a fixed price basis.

Stack Overflow

If the questions you need help with relate to Zapier code steps, or adding your app to Zapier via their developer platform, then you should check out Zapier on Stack Overflow. Like their community forum, you'll find plenty of developers with Zapier experience and some of the Zapier engineering team there helping out.


Twitter is yet another great place to ask and get answers to Zapier questions and find resources and tutorials that people are posting. @Zapier is on there as expected - and plenty of their staff. To jump right into some discussions, search #Zapier.

Markerpad Community

Makerpad is a fantastic community and resource hub for makers working with any of the many fantastic nocode tools on the market. Check out Zapier's page and you'll find an overview, as well as user case studies, resources and tutorials, and a link to the Zapier section of the highly active Makerpad Community forum.

No Code Founders Slack

No Code Founders is, as the name suggests, a community for founders of nocode companies and businesses that work with them. The action takes place in a Slack group, where you'll find plenty of discussions going on a daily basis across more than a dozen dedicated channels - including one for Zapier.